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Flat welding steel flange forging types and characteristics


According to the billet movement, flat welding flange forging can be divided into free forging, upsetting, extrusion, forging, closed forging, closed upsetting. Closed die forging and closed upsetting As there is no flash, material utilization is high. With a process or a few processes may be completed complex forging finishing. As there is no flash, the forging area decreases, the required load is also reduced. However, care should be taken not to limit the billet to a full extent, for which purpose the billet size should be carefully controlled, the relative position of the forging die controlled and the forgings measured, in an effort to reduce die wear. According to the forging die movement, forging can be divided into the roller, swivel forging, roller forging, cross wedge rolling, rolling ring and oblique rolling and other means. Rolling, swaging and rolling rings can also be used for precision machining. In order to improve the utilization of materials, roll forging and cross-rolling can be used as slender material before the process of processing. Rotary forging, as with free forging, is also partially formed and has the advantage of being formed in a less forged condition compared to forgings. Including free forging, including this forging method, the processing of materials from the mold surface to the free surface near the expansion, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy, therefore, the direction of the forging die and swaging process using computer control, you can use the lower Forging force to get complex shape, high precision products. For example, the production of large variety of large-size steam turbine blades and other forgings. When the temperature exceeds 300-400 ℃ (steel blue brittle zone), reaching 700-800 ℃, the deformation resistance will be drastically reduced, the deformation energy has also been greatly improved. According to the different temperature region forging, forging quality and forging process requirements can be divided into cold forging, warm forging, hot forging three forming temperature range. The original division of the temperature zone there is no strict boundaries, in general, in the recrystallization temperature range forging called hot forging, not forging at room temperature forging called cold forging. Forging at low temperatures, forgings small size changes. Forging below 700 ℃, the formation of small scale, and the surface without decarbonization. Therefore, as long as the deformation can be formed within the energy range, cold forging easy to get a good dimensional accuracy and surface finish. As long as the temperature control and lubrication cooling, warm forging below 700 ℃ can also get very good accuracy. Forging, due to the deformation energy and deformation resistance are small, forging complex shapes forgings. To get high dimensional accuracy of forgings, in the temperature range of 900-1000 ℃ hot forging process. In addition, we should pay attention to improve the hot forging work environment. Forging die life (hot forging 2-5 thousand, warm forging 1-2 million cold forging 2-5 million) compared with forging in other temperature fields is shorter, but its large degree of freedom, low cost . The billet is deformed and work-hardened during cold forging so that the forging dies are subjected to high loads. Therefore, the use of high-strength forging dies and the use of a hard lubricant film to prevent wear and bond are required. In addition, to prevent the blank cracks, if necessary, the intermediate annealing to ensure the required deformation capacity. In order to maintain a good state of lubrication, the blank can be phosphated. In the continuous processing with bar stock and wire rod, the current cross-section can not be lubricated, is studying the possibility of using phosphating lubrication method.Jinan Hyupshin Flanges Co., Ltd supply all kinds of steel of pipe flanges, contact us

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